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"The most popular firewood site in the world is with "dry well seasoned hardwoods for sale" in America."
- Axioms Firewood

* Quality Assurance:

Our firewood is manufactured, processed and Kiln Dried in The State of Vermont.
Our firewood is "cured" and "pest free" via approved Kiln Dry treatment facility to a core temperature of 71/75 treatment which complies or exceeds State and Federal regulations.
Once our firewood is retrieved from the kiln, the firewood is stored and remains dry until its delivered and stacked at the customer's location.

* Quantity Assurance:

All firewood sales are pre-stacked for quantity to comply with the "...amount of cordwood sold..." regulations to assure the customer is receiving the full amount of quantity that they are paying for.

Quality Premium Firewood

Dry - ready to burn -
Well seasoned Kiln Dried firewood
in 12" or 16" or 20" split lengths
in 1/8 or 1/4 or 1/3 cord pre-stacked units
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All of our firewood is stored on site and covered to keep dry until it is delivered to you, in a full stacked unit measure.
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Quality and Quantity Assurance Since 1988
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